I graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology, where I studied in the Institute of Civil Engineering. I can thus use the title of Master of Engineering since 1992. Yet my professional experience, linked with the management of construction companies - where I was a shareholder and President of the Board - exceeds by far what can be described as engineering work. Twenty years of professional experience linked with the direct realization of construction investments, mainly concerned management of undertakings, management of human resources, technical knowledge, client relations as well as risk management and dispute management.
Efficient procurement and later execution and settlement of contracts based on FIDIC Conditions of Contracts and participation in the Association of Engineer Consultants and Appraisers (SIDiR) are the foundations of my work as an independent Engineer Consultant (FIDIC). My knowledge and qualifications - i.e. in the field of public procurement, public-private partnership, or alternative methods of dispute settlement - are the reasons I am one of the few experts and adjudicators on the SIDiR list and an arbitrator figuring on the list of the SIDiR Court of Arbitration.
I have experience with consultation services for both parties - Employers and Contractors, while keeping in mind my professional group's ethics - based on professional honesty, impartiality, justness and fairness. During my work as an Engineer Consultant I always keep in mind that my actions have their consequences and the effects of my decisions on my clients' relations and the relations of others involved in the investment process. I make every possible effort to meet consultation services standards by continuously expanding my qualifications.
I assist my clients in matters concerning procurement procedures, issuing offers, task realization and settlements, as well as during any disputes that may arise: in the case of both private and public orders. I accept orders for consultation services during all phases of the abovementioned processes, as well as complex customer services, while keeping in mind the client's main objectives and relevant legal frames.