The Engineer Consultant's Office was founded succeeding my reflections concerning the consultation market. As the director or board member of execution companies (LOBBE AQUASEWER Sp. z o.o., INFRA S.A. PBG S.A.) I often witnessed problems linked with the issue of reliable consultation services. These problems primarily concerned public procurement procedures, especially Contract Terms, claims, settlements, Engineer's Contracts. Due to this, while managing these companies and procuring contracts I had to go through the difficult task of obtaining specialized knowledge. And I learned on my own mistakes how to use this knowledge in practice.
I realized my first difficult contract, co-financed by the World Bank and based on FIDIC Conditions of Contracts, during the years 1997-1999 in Bielsko-Biała, followed by yet another English-language contract financed by pre-accession funds during the years 2003-2005 in Szczecin. Once Poland became and EU member state I dealt with many such contracts, involving very large sums. I came into contact with many contracts, related with environmental protection, infrastructure, road construction, construction of EURO 2012 stadiums, as well as railway tracks.. Each contract had its own rules, but each shared a common denominator: there were problems. The parties to the contract had no experience, either in the field of procurement procedures or how to perform the role of Engineer, or with contact realization and settlement. And to top it all off, the law kept changing and it was necessary to follow EU Directives.
My experience and irresistible desire to keep up with changing regulations lead to the procurement of further contracts and their successful realization - yet not without claims, disputes and matters settled in court. I treated all this as a new form of engineering reality and a way to gain new knowledge and experience. This is why I believe that it is time to share this knowledge and experience with others; those that do not have time to go through the same process I went through and those who cannot afford to make mistakes.