Public Procurement Procedures:
  • Elaboration of tenders terms on behalf of the Employer and close cooperation during the procurement procedure - projects concerning communal waste and below-ground level infrastructure;
  • Issuing opinions concerning significant order conditions for the Employers and Contractors - projects concerning municipal services and transportation services;
  • Consultation services for Contractors during procurement procedures: preparation of inquiries concerning tenders terms, appeals to the National Appeal Chamber (KIO), assistance with preparation of procurement offers - infrastructure and environmental projects.
Public Procurement Contract Realization:
  • Consultation services for Employers and Contractors during each stage of contract realization, in matters concerning progress of works, settlements, disputes and claims, necessity for auxiliary solutions and additional works, Engineer's instructions - infrastructure and environmental projects;
  • Issuing opinions in matters concerning construction work - infrastructure and environmental projects;
  • Consultation services for Contractor's representatives for contracts based on FIDIC Conditions of Contract during each stage of contract realization - infrastructure and environmental projects.
Conditions of Contracts (FIDIC):
  • Elaboration of Particulars Conditions for FIDIC Yellow Book - Design and Build contracts - infrastructure and environmental contracts;
  • Elaboration of Particulars Conditions for FIDIC Red Book - Build According to the Employers Project contracts - environmental projects;
  • Consultation services for the Contract Engineer regarding conformity of contract conditions with legal requirements.
Dispute Adjudication Board, and Arbitration:
Appointment of an adjudicator and arbitrator by parties in matters concerning public procurement contracts - infrastructure and environmental projects (for confidentiality-related reasons the details of this process cannot be publicly disclosed).